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About Bancy Farms

Who We Are

Bancy Blueberry Farms is a family run business located in Ladner, BC. 

For the past 20 years we have been providing fresh local blueberry to consumers throughout the lower mainland. 

Along with blueberry we also sell a variety of other produce, including those amazing Oakangan Cherries! 

picked by us... for you and yours

- The Bancy Family


Customer SB

Hello, I drive by your sign all the time when i drive my son Arran to school at Sacred Heart. Today, we remembered that we were out of blueberries at home (we had been buying them in richmond) We saw your sign found the house and loved your 'honour system' sign. loved your house and I just found your website and see that you have an Arron in your family, very similar spelling to our Arran. thank you, we have found our new blueberry supplier!

Delicious blueberries on and off season! I buy boxes of plump & fresh blueberries during the summer for my pies and frozen ones in the off season from the Bancy cooler for my smoothies! Great customer service and an amazing family owned farm :)

Parkasho Sandhu
Delicious blueberry. We buy fresh and frozen every year. I use it for making muffins and shakes. Thank you for delivering to our home and business.

Delicious blueberries and have heard great reviews about this farm! Great customer service too, everyone is very friendly. Blueberries are always fresh and never have any rotten or green ones when I bring them home. Been going to this farm for years and always recommend them to friends and family as they are a wholesome family farm.

Fresh quality blueberries , Been buying for about 10 years my mom loves them! We don't go anywhere else. Great family very friendly will answer any questions regarding blueberries!

Harvinder Bancy
Where should I start...? In 1989 my husband and his brothers with the help of their father purchased 26 bare acres of farm land in Ladner. I didn't know what we had gotten ourselves into or how this would impact our lives. We dived in head first and looking back now this was the best decision we have made in our lives. All 3 of my children alongside my nieces and nephews have spent summers and winter days helping on the farm. My youngest son was only 5 years old when he began working on the farm and now at 25 he's taken on a majority of the farm tasks. This farm is our families pride and joy and each and everyone of us contributes in our own way... We can't thank all of our customers enough, the Ladner Community and our friends and family for their continued support over these years. Heres to having blueberry for breakfast lunch and dinner during the summer!

Jay Jay
Been coming to bancy farms for the past 5 years. I have been to many farms to buy berry directly... bancy farms always has the best quality compared to the rest.

Rajan Sanghera
My family lives all the way out in Abbotsford and we try to make it to this farm atleast once a year not just because their berry's are delicious it's also the company itself the staff are very kind and the property is just beautiful

Irene Cheng
I've been a proud customer of this family business for the last 3 years! My friends and family look forward to my blueberry tarts every year and it's the amazing service that has kept me coming back to Bancy Farms

Robin Ryan
Great place! Great customer service and fantastic berries recommend this place 100% !!

Darren Fawcett
Great berry. Awesome customer service A+++

Why Us?

At Bancy Farms we are committed to providing our customers with the freshest blueberry on the market.

We promise that our blueberry is picked by hand, sorted by hand (right infront of you), packaged and sold on the spot to ensure it is the freshest. 

At the moment three generations of Bancy's are committed to keeping this promise to our customers and we all look forward to meeting you over the next few months

See you then... 

- The Bancy Family